Catch Us if You Can

David's Marathon

Sometimes we’re really hard to catch…

Although David and I have been thoroughly in denial about our impending departure from London, it’s time to face the facts that our stint as UK residents sadly is drawing to a close. Of course, the light in all of this good-bye gloom is that we’ll soon be reunited with our Yankee friends and family. In typical Kroeker-Maus style we’ll be hitting 4 countries and 4 states in the next month before finally settling down in Washington DC for the foreseeable future. We would love to celebrate our homecoming with as many of you as possible, so please see the timetable below for where and when to catch us and drop us a line!

  • 11 Dec – Depart London for Paris
  • 12-15 Dec – Paris
  • 15-18 Dec – Iceland
  • 18-27 Dec – Indiana
  • 27 Dec-1 Jan – South Dakota
  • 1 – 4 Jan – Kansas
  • 5-12 Jan – Minnesota
  • 12 Jan – Washington DC
  • End of Jan – David back in London for graduation

    Faith Frolicking

    …so catch us whilst you can!


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