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I’ve been repeating myself a lot lately. Not that I mind, I mean this former debater really doesn’t need much of an excuse to soliloquize, but as I continue answering the same questions, I thought that maybe a blog post could be better suited. Besides, as any foresicator can tell you, debaters normally only take three questions and never really answer them anyway, so a written rather than oral  response might be best. Feel free to submit more questions if there’s anything I’ve missed.

Faith and David’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much longer are you staying in London?

A: We love London. The thought of leaving our friends, church, and neighbourhood is so unpalatable that we’ve decided to stretch out our time here until the beginning of December. Until then David will be looking for an internship at some type of environmental organisation and I’ll be creatively keeping busy volunteering and fine-tuning my house-wifery skills.

Ah London, parting is such sweet sorrow!

Ah London, parting is such sweet sorrow!

Q: Do you have more travel planned?

A: Of course! After a visit from two more American friends, we’ll be spending a few days in Buxton which is in the UK’s Peak District, ‘famed for its natural spring water and Georgian architecture.’ Then mid-September we’ll head north to visit friends in Finland with stopovers in Sweden and perhaps Estonia. October will hopefully bring about a marathon for David somewhere on the European continent as well as a trip to Paris. November may take me (Faith) back to the US for a friend’s wedding, and then in December the real adventures begin. One of my close friends from way-back-when in Nebraska will be moving to Jerusalem (yes, Nebraskans are that cool!) and one of David’s Jordanian classmates will be back in Amman. Being the geographical whizzes that we are (or not) it seems to make perfect sense for a Jerusalem/Amman jaunt on our way back to the US for Christmas.

Q: What is David’s dissertation about exactly?

A: Good Question, one that I am not qualified to fully answer. Simply, it’s on Transition Towns around Barcelona.  Here’s David’s initial post on his research choice and here and here are posts written while he was doing his research in Barcelona.

Q: What happens next year?

A: The plan is that we’ll leave London for good at Christmastime – since our visas expire in January – and relocate back to the US for awhile. As you might remember from previous posts, I’m currently waiting for a job from the US Department of State. Contingent upon Congress actually funding continued hiring at State, we’ll move to DC in January for me to start with basic training. Five weeks after starting the job, we’ll find out which embassy they will be posting us to for the next two years. The amount of language training we require for that post will determine how long we’ll be in DC, probably anywhere from 4-12 months.

Q: Will you have any control about where you end up?

A: We’ll get to rank the available postings, but in the end the first two tours will be determined by State. So no, not exactly.

On the move, just the way we like it.

On the move, just the way we like it.

Q: What will David do?

A: David will also get to take language training in DC – which he is very excited about. Once we find out our posting, he’ll start looking into job options in that country.

Q: You guys move around so much, what about friendships?

A: So far we’ve been really lucky to make great friendships in Uganda and the UK. With a lifestyle like ours we definitely have to be very outgoing and friendly as soon as we land in a new place. We’re also lucky to have loyal friends from back home who keep in touch via the great interwebs. London is an especially easy place to maintain friendships. We’ve already been able to convince 4 friends to visit, and we’ve met up with another 11 friends who were passing through London on lay-overs and other visits.

Some amazing family visits have also kept us connected to home!

Some amazing family visits have also kept us connected to home!

*Photo credits on this page go to the ever-talented Ms. Lauren, more of whose work can be seen at kaufmanshenanigans.blogspot.com


2 responses to “F&D’s FAQs

  1. Aw you guys are the best. I love your adventures. I’d like to be a member of the Maus crew please. Such a blessing to have you in London for a season.

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