Why we’ve been gone

That hollow, unsettling angst has burrowed deep into your psyche once again, hasn’t it? The tortured listlessness that plagues you whenever you are made to wait too long between insightful and entertaining posts from your favourite gallivanting blogging duo will by now have reached a very advanced state, seeing as it has now been over two weeks since we last descended upon your newsfeed, or your nearly-extinct Google Reader with our characteristic pithy wit.

For that you are due both an apology and an explanation…

On 25 May, my family arrived en masse for a much anticipated holiday. For the next week, we acted as tour guides/tourists in our own city. We finally did several things in London we’d been putting off until we had visitors (seeing a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe, visiting Kensington Palace, etc) and were reminded of the thrill of seeing London for the first time by the reactions of our visitors.

Readying for a Midsummer Night's Dream

Readying for a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Getting dressed up at Kensington Palace


Showers in Bath

Showers in Bath

But it wasn’t just new London sights we explored. We also took daytrips to Oxford and Bath, the first time we’d been to either place. After three shockingly sunny days in London (which had me worried that my family might get the wrong idea about Britain, and wouldn’t understand how we suffer!), the weather reverted to type and rain was pouring as we explored. Thankfully, both cities were lovely enough to be enjoyable in spite of the inclement weather. The dreary weather in Bath, did, however, drive us inside for afternoon tea at about 4, rather than join the queue to go in the Roman baths, which we would soon discover, close at 5pm. Travellers, take note!

And once my family had had their fill of England, it was off to bonnie Scotland. As devoted readers of our blog (those for whom the suffering described in the first paragraph is most pronounced) will be aware, we had on one previous occasion travelled to Scotland, but it was for so brief a time that we had not yet ventured beyond Edinburgh. Well, this time, we traversed the width and length of Scotland (granted, Scotland is not a very wide country), touching as far north as Inverness before cruising on Loch Ness (I didn’t see anything, but the water is quite peaty) and working our way down the western highlands back to Edinburgh.

On the shores of Loch Ness, by Urquhart Castle

On the shores of Loch Ness, by Urquhart Castle

My grandma, sister and brother-in-law traipsing about on Arthur's Seat

My grandma, sister and brother-in-law traipsing about on Arthur’s Seat

The long June days in Scotland encouraged an already potent impulse toward late nights and early mornings, which meant that by the time my family was off, we were ready for a rest…

But no such luck! Things have only begun to start rolling for the summer. In the next two weeks, one or the other of us will be in Ireland, France and Spain, and Faith’s family will have arrived for a holiday of their own.

Why must the amount of things about which to blog always be inversely proportional to the amount of time to blog about them?


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