Final Accounting: Live Below the Line (Part 6)

One final post for those of you who followed along with us on our week Below the Line. First, a HUGE thank you to everyone who sponsored us! At last count we had raised £265 (roughly $410), which was well above our goal of £150. Those of you still interested in giving, don’t worry we can accept donations for a few more weeks, so donate now!

As for our final accounting, due to the high amount of scavenged fruits and vegetables we were able to take in over the week, we were actually left with a surplus of £1.58. We didn’t need to buy any tomatoes and the addition of baking supplies meant that we bought fewer eggs than originally in the budget. Of course we may have under-calculated for things like spices and oils, so we’re probably left with around £1. It’s only Friday afternoon, so maybe we’ll splurge tonight!

  Item Price
1  Rice £0.40
2  Pasta £0.38
3  Half Bag Lentils £1.00
4  3 Cans Chick Peas £1.00
5  Tomatoes £0.00
6  Fruit (14 Clementines) £1.00
7  2 Bunches Spinach £1.00
8  5 Onions £0.50
9  Lemons £0.30
10  Tea £0.10
11  10 Eggs £1.00
12  Spices and Oil £0.50
13  Abandoned Veggetables £0.20
14  1.5 Kilo Flour £0.45
15  Hot Peppers £0.15
16  Sugar £0.44
Total £8.42
  Balance £1.58

And finally, here is our week’s menu Below the Line. Overall fairly balanced, with a special effort to take in at least some protein daily.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Monday 2 Egg Omellete Pasta with Veggies Spinach Dahl with Rice Clementines, Tortillas
Tuesday 2 Egg Omellete Spinach Dahl with Rice Root Roast and Pasta with Pepper Sauce Abandonded Crackers and Fruit, Clementines
Wednesday Faith – Tortillas
David – Tortilla and Egg
Root Roast and Pasta with Pepper Sauce Chickpea Curry with Rice Tortillas, Banana Bread
Thursday Lemon Ginger Pancakes Chickpea Curry with Rice Spinach Dahl with Rice
Root Roast
Banana Bread, Clementines
Friday Cinnamon Pancakes Spinach Dahl with Rice and Root Roast TBD – Something with Chickpeas Clementines

Stay tuned next week as I travel to Malawi and Tanzania to visit some Salvation Army projects funded by your donations!


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