Rubbish Root Roast: Living Below the Line (Part 3)

Just an average day in a life Below the Line.

Just an average day Below the Line.

As the East Street Market closed on Tuesday at 5pm, we were ready with our scavenging bag in hand. This time there were several other people out with us poking through the rubbish heaps, but there was definitely more than enough discarded produce to go around. One vendor had left an entire box of old tomatoes from which we were able to salvage a few. Others left behind pieces of carrots, whole bell peppers with small bruises, hardened pears, and sealed bags of crackers. One of our best finds was a huge beet covered in mud that was in otherwise perfect condition!

Tuesday's haul from the rubbish heaps.

Tuesday’s haul from the rubbish heaps.

Facing all of this produce was actually a bit intimidating since it needed to be consumed ASAP!  The cheese crackers, though very stale, served as an excellent snack for David after his afternoon run, and the bananas lent themselves well to a special treat for later when friends join us Below the Line. We made a plan for two dishes to cover Tuesday’s dinner and Wednesday’s lunch: a pasta dish and an especially delicious vegetable roast we lovingly deemed Rubbish Root Roast. Details below.

Pepper Pasta – 4 partial bell peppers and 5 small tomatoes mixed with garlic and oregano, served over spaghetti

Pepper Pasta Sauce

Pepper Pasta Sauce

Rubbish Root Roast – 1 onion, 1 parsnip, 1 large beet, 1 sweet potato, 2 potatoes, and 4 carrots sliced into a large baking pan.  Soy sauce, dill, and garlic stirred thoroughly into the mix. Roasted for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

The roast in all its delicious glory!

The roast in all its delicious glory!

Technically we covered four meals with only £0.19 for the spaghetti, although you will remember from our first post, that we made a small allocation from our budget for foraged foods. Also, we budgeted £1 for tomatoes but haven’t yet needed to buy them.

Entire meal, aside from the pasta, from the rubbish heap.

Entire meal, aside from the pasta, from the rubbish heap.

Why not stand with us Below the Line by either sponsoring us or taking the challenge yourself?   Donations will go toward exciting Salvation Army projects such as Moringa Trees and Agroforestry in the Congo and Savings Groups in Kenya.


One response to “Rubbish Root Roast: Living Below the Line (Part 3)

  1. Hi friends, this is definitely a challenge for me. Our troop is also working on a food justice project, and planting gardens around the northside. we plan on donating the excess to food shelfs and senior citizens home. I must say we have way too much pride here in the US. but when I look at people who face hunger daily,. or making a choice between bills and a meal. It sort of humbles me and reconsider the bigger picture. You make it all look so delicious!!! At hardly no cost. Kudos to you

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