Update on the Future

It’s been over a year since our last big Update where we happily announced David’s acceptance to Kings. This time, it’s my turn for a joyous announcement. Last week, I received a much-anticipated email from the State Department informing me that my file passed security clearances and final suitability review – landing me a spot on the Economics Register! A huge thank you to all of you who vouched for me in the interviews, clearly, I could not have done it without you!

 This means that I now have 18 months – until August 7, 2014 – to accept an employment offer by joining a New Officers Class, called A100. Individuals are called for classes based on their score from the Oral Assessment. This is good news for me since although I barely passed the essay on the Written Exam last February, the Oral Assessment played directly to my strengths.  Sitting comfortably on the top of the Register, I have decided to defer an employment offer by placing my name on the Do Not Call list until January 2014.

So what happens until January 2014? We’re planning on being in London until at least mid-September, but after that our plans get a little fuzzy. September is our 5th anniversary, and December is David’s graduation and my 30th birthday. These major-life events seem to warrant a celebratory trip through Europe, wouldn’t you agree? Granted, we never need much of an excuse to travel, but a few free months in Europe shouldn’t go to waste. Just a bit of dreaming for now…

 Looking to the future is exciting, but definitely bittersweet. Put simply – we love London. My job, David’s coursework, our friends, and the city’s incredible diversity will be so hard to leave. So for now, we are keeping an open mind toward any options of staying or returning in the future and making the most of every moment we get in the lovely UK.


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