A week in the Life (vol. 2)

This past week was the penultimate week of lectures this term. Where does the time go???

I was a bachelor for much of Sunday and Monday, as Faith was in Amsterdam for a very brief work trip, during which she witnessed the Sinterklaas parade. The Christmas season just starts so much earlier on this side of the pond.

The chapel At King’s

There were heavy hearts in chapel at King’s on Wednesday, the day after the Church of England failed to pass a measure that would have finally allowed for the ordination of women bishops. This despite overwhelming support among clergy, the current (all-male) bishops and the majority of the laity for the measure. Speaking from the pulpit, our college chaplain said he was a little embarrassed to be in the Church of England after Tuesday’s vote.

While Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US, for us, it was just Thursday. But fear not! We were only a day late and a turkey short, holding our own bacchanalia on Friday. The complete, harrowing story is recounted here.

Saturday was a very rainy day (even by London standards) which provided perfect pretext for lounging around indoors after the gluttony of the night before. This meant Faith had entirely too much time on her hands, all of which was put to festive use:

No snow outside? No problem inside!

But we were not complete louts on Saturday. We ventured out in the afternoon (with the rain still falling) to nearby Cuming Museum, sometimes described as the “British Museum in miniature.” I find this characterisation fair. There are indeed artifacts from all over the world and throughout history. And the museum is also quite miniature; only three rooms. Nevertheless, if you are an expat in London who has run out of touristy things to do, or if you are anyone in Southwark who has not yet been to the Cuming Museum, I highly recommend it.

And finally, we ventured all the way out to Edgware to my classmate Andara’s house for Ghanaian (or is it Nigerian or Gambian?) food on Saturday night. It was delicious and was also interesting to compare (and contrast) the perception of our African friends living in the UK, with our perceptions of living in Africa last year.

Let the eating continue!

On to the next one…


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