A Week in the Life (vol. 1)

This was quite a busy week. At some point during it, I decided that although I wouldn’t have the time (and perhaps my readers wouldn’t have the interest!) to blog about many of the happenings during it, they deserved more than a single Tweet or Facebook photo. So here are some of the highlights of the week.

I spend much of my academic time steeped in critical geographies of development. So on Monday, I slipped over to another world, and attended an event being held at the Worshipful Company of Stationers‘ Hall, on sustainable supply chain management. I was impressed although not definitively convinced by representatives from Price Waterhouse Coopers and Marks & Spencer talking about how sustainability is in fact part of their core business interest. I was less impressed with a presentation by a woman from the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment on what a marvelous and beneficial thing plastic packaging is. But I’m always impressed by free wine and canapes and interesting historical buildings, and this event delivered both.

Inside the Stationers’ Hall

On Thursday, I went to the Maudsley Debates at King’s’ Denmark Hill Campus. The debate was over “legal highs” i.e. the proliferation of street drugs that are at the frontier of both regulatory efforts and of scientists’ ability to clinically analyze. Much to my surprise, none of the five participants in the debate was in favour of prohibition. The focus of the debate, then, was much more on proper regulation, education efforts, treatment regimes, etc. A sympathetic-sounding Baroness Molly Meacher from the House of Lords said at one point that there are so many drugs on the streets now that  kids are confused and “don’t know what the hell to take.”

Faith with Basma and Liisa in Covent Garden

The Christmas lights are on in Covent Garden! After turning in an essay for one of our core modules on Friday, several of my classmates and I (and Faith) celebrated Friday night. Inevitably, we ended up on the balcony of Punch and Judy Pub. Good times.

On Saturday, as part of the London Study Ambassadors Programme, I had an entrepreneur boot camp with Siân Prime from Goldsmiths’ Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. I got to, among other things, ‘rapid ‘prototype’ a hair-brained idea I first floated on my other blog, share ideas with my fellow ambassadors, and take in the view from the Boardroom of London & Partners.

I was going for ‘whimsical’ but ended up with something more like ‘odd’

After that, Faith and I met up and made our first foray into Borough Market, a massive, sprawling constellation of Epicurean culinary vendors. We didn’t buy anything but we did enjoy lots of free samples. This is my advice to any would be gastro-entrepreneur: The market for artisan olive oils is saturated.

Finally, we went to choral evensong at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday night. If you want to go inside St. Paul’s during the day, you have to pay but #protip! Every night at 5pm, there is Evensong at St. Paul’s, for which you can go in for free and also hear some lovely singing. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside during service, though.

This wild piggie went to market

Outside St. Paul’s

On to the next one…


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