No Camouflage

A few weeks ago, when we put a veneer of public participation on our very centrally-controlled blog by inviting you, our readers to help us name our blog, one of many clever suggestions was the name “Better Camouflage.” It was, presumably a reference to the fact that we might stand out a bit less in the UK than in Uganda.

But it turns out there really is no camouflage for London. London is not just a diverse city (like Los Angeles or Chicago), but a truly global city (even more so than New York, I would argue) with people from virtually every country speaking all sorts of languages with all sorts of accents, and engaging in all sorts of cultural practices. Even most of the British people I’ve met here so far aren’t actually from London.

Of course all this is well known about London, but what that means ‘on the ground’ is that one doesn’t really stand out in London because one can’t ‘fit in’. To engage the metaphor of camouflage, London isn’t a forest (where one could blend in); it’s a veritable botanical garden of humanity. I’m sure if I decided to wear lederhosen and speak in a Ugandan accent, no one would bat an eye.

And I’m sure there’s somewhere in London that sells lederhosen…


2 responses to “No Camouflage

  1. Top of the morning to you kind Sir! Glad you made it over the big pond safely and you are on to new adventures. I do hope things will go smashingly wonderful for you and Faith in London. Our running took us to St. Charles, IL about a week ago. Next weekend we start our venture to IN, CT and NJ to try back to back weekend marathons. Hope to see you folks down the road sometime soon.
    I really enjoy your blogs….keep them coming.

  2. Apparently there’s a shop in London called Mr. Pricklepants’ Lederhosen Store. Now start practicing that Ugandan accent!

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