Help Us Name Our Blog

Faith and I have both left Uganda, and soon we will be off again, this time to London for a year. Clearly, this trusty blog’s title, “Faith and David in Africa” is no longer an accurate representation of our surroundings.

So we need to change the name of our blog, but to what?

Perhaps we could keep “Faith and David in…” and merely change the location.

Faith and David in Britain -or- Faith and David in the Isles for example.

Or perhaps we shouldn’t be so vain as to lead with our names. We could opt for a folksy-sounding title that makes reference to our situation without explicit mention of our names. Something like…

A Couple of Expats -or- Yanks in London

Or even better yet, perhaps our blog title could just be an oblique historical reference

The Mayflower Returns Home -or – Back From the Colonies

Clearly, we have no idea where to go with the name of our blog. So we turn to you, our dear readers. We have no reason to believe that you will have any better ideas for what to title this humble corner of the blogoshpere, but we might as well give you a chance to prove yourselves.

Let the suggestions flow forth…


5 responses to “Help Us Name Our Blog

  1. 1. God save the queen?
    2. Imperious REX!
    3.fancy a cuppa tea? infinity and beyond?
    5. Worldwide Mausy adventures
    6. Ah London!!
    7.the same thing we fo every night… try to take over the world!!!

  2. How about: No longer in a goldfish bowl OR Goldfish no longer
    Curiosities no more — or not so much
    Faith and David and the great world (that’s actually a literary reference)
    Curiouser and curiouser
    The continuing adventures
    Better camouflage

  3. You may regret asking this, you know…

    Mouse Jokes:
    1) Mice in London
    2) Mice in Lodnon
    3) A Maus In Liz’s House
    4) A Maus Goes to London
    5) A Church Maus in Westminster Abbey
    6) Die Mäuse von London
    7) Die Kirchenmäuse Live from London
    8) Africa to London: A Maus’s Tail
    8.5) Swimming in the Thames: The Croaking Maus
    9) Die Mäuse, to Caunterbury they wende*

    *Chaucer, of course.

    Non-Maus Jokes:
    1) Faith and David in London
    2) Faith and David from Almost Europe
    3) Faith and David from Somewhere Between the US of A and the EU of Broke
    4) Guess Where We Are Now…
    5) Where in the World are Faith and David?

  4. So, I really like Marita’s title of “better camouflage” but here are a few attempts at naming help:
    1- Faith and David drink tea
    2- Adventures of David and no Goliath but lots of Faith
    3- The Mice follow their Cheese
    4- Following with Faith

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