Walk to Work – UG Style

One of the Kampala adventures that I’ll miss is my daily walk to work. Although not as politically charged or tear-gas ridden as the Uganda opposition party’s Walk-to-Work campaigns, my walk is not without its difficulties or surprises. So come, take a walk with me.

First, even on the best roads various “Death Traps” are ever-waiting to swallow an unobservant passerby.

A Kampala signature feature

Thankfully, navigating the crazy traffic is easier with the help of a friendly school crossing guard.

While other adults cross at will, I always wait with the kiddos.

Past the school and down another hill, then past the ever-present trash heap.

Sometimes this pile is even burning which is extra lovely.

Then I enter Ida’s gate, into a serene field.

Through the gate…

The field is a sanctuary of greenery to myself and all sorts of living things. I’ve seen huge snails, ground squirrels, all types of birds (herons, egrets, falcons, etc) and once, a gigantic “edible rat.”

Down the dirt footpath.

Then comes the largest challenge of all.

Nothing like a morning balancing act.

Finally, a walk through someone’s maize brings me safely to work.

Just like Nebraska, right?


One response to “Walk to Work – UG Style

  1. Jambo, my friends you really know how to put life into perspective. And I was just happy to be in the HOV lane. Why and What is that square hole for? Im assuming its sort of a manhole, without the cover.(Only in Africa) I think the best part of your walk must be the maize and crossing with the kids.

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