Catch Us if You Can!

Off we go!

Unbelievably, our year in Uganda is coming to an end. David will be saying goodbye to the Pearl of Africa on July 25 and I will be leaving on August 4 after a week-long Global Health Corps (GHC) retreat. So to all of our dear friends and family back in the US, let’s make a plan to see each other in August or September.

Here’s where and when to catch us!

  • July 26-13: David in Indiana
  • Aug 5-13: Faith in Indiana
  • Aug 14-16: Chicago, IL (Faith & David)
  • Aug 17-24: Freeman, South Dakota (Faith & David)
  • Aug 24- Sept 11: Minneapolis, MN (Faith & David)
  • Sept 11: David leaves for London
  • Sept 12-18: Faith – Kansas and South Dakota
  • Sept 19-21: Faith – Washington DC
  • Sept 21-22: Faith – Wayne, NE for High School Reunion
  • Sept 24: Faith leaves for London

Planes, trains, and automobiles…


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