Two “Can you find it”s in one!

We just got back from a quick weekend getaway to Lake Mburo National Park, and since these things have been so popular in the past, I thought I would indulge you all with not one but two, yes TWO (2) wildlife spotting challenges.

First, see if you can find the crocodile in this picture:

Now for another, perhaps more tricky one. See if you can find the fish in this photo:

I’ll give you but one small hint: You will know that it is a fish by its location, not its appearance


3 responses to “Two “Can you find it”s in one!

  1. So as not to spoil this for the rest of the class, my answers will be delivered as cryptically as possible in keeping with the tone of the clues.

    #1 Eye, eye, said the crocodile, that’s all you will get of me. I’ve lined it up, more of less, with the end of the tree.

    #2 Farewell cruel world, I’m gonna miss ya; stuck as I am in the mandibles of this drat king fisha.

    • #1 If you’ve truly spotted me
      More than my opticals you’ll see
      But verily am I at the end of my tree

      #2 Aye, from sea to air I go
      I’ll make the trip in pieces, though

      • T’was my opticals that fell prey to illusion – now that you’re truly seen, between you and the photographer there had to be collusion! Such a perfect blending of curvature t’ween tree and thee could only have resulted from advance repartee!

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