Wisdom on the Windscreen

At first glance, the minibus taxis* that ply Uganda’s roads might look a rather homogenous lot.  Almost all are white with blue trim. They all have an encircled letter T on both sides, and the universally ignored text “Licenced to Carry 14 Passengers” on the left side.

* Matatus for my Kenyan readers

BUT! For the Taxi driver and/or owner who is willing to sacrifice a little visibility, those few square feet of glass at both the fore and aft of the vehicle provide an opportunity for some modicum of expression and customisation.

Often, the text found on Taxi windscreens advertises adherence to one of Uganda’s three major religions.



English Premier League:

Although these glass-borne texts normally just convey general religious sentiments…

…sometimes they stray into the sectarian…

Seventh Day Adventist


Some convey words of wisdom and advice specific to Uganda:

…while some merely purport to…

You might see one paying homage to an American artist who has long since changed their name and/or symbol:

But probably the biggest category is confusing and/or disturbing nonsense:

Here’s a few for the people back in the US:

And finally, a challenge. I’ll award points to whomever can decipher the message struggling to be heard on this taxi:


6 responses to “Wisdom on the Windscreen

  1. I think I was present when that last photo was taken, so I might have an unfair advantage. 😉 Oh, these are so inspiring. What a fun post! Thanks, guys!

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