So…how are we REALLY doing?

After all of the commotion over the last few weeks, I thought we owe everyone an explanation to that burning question, “How are we really doing?” And I can confidently say “good.” Not “great,” not “horrible,” but a very respectable and solid “good.”

You might have noticed from the blog that this past month has been a bit hard from us. First, we started feeling a little homesick, and then I actually got sick from parasites for a full week. After I started to recover on Friday we found out that David’s grandpa had a stroke, and by Sunday morning he had passed away. By Monday evening (after a very stressful airport ordeal), we were on an international flight back to Indiana, and by Tuesday afternoon we were back home in the United States after 35 hours of travel and a six-month absence.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster.  We were so happy to be home with family, but  so sad to see everyone under such unfortunate circumstances. We were bleary-eyed with jetlag compounded by a happy reunion with too much Dr. Pepper and junk food. Despite all of that, I have never found Detroit International Airport so comforting, the extremely quiet Indianapolis suburbs so calming, or homemade pizza so delicious. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

We were able to spend two full weeks in Indiana, which was a perfect amount of time to thoroughly enjoy family and the 5-Star-wonders of the Maus Haus. We spent time with David’s grandma, and visited his brother in Fort Wayne and his sister and brother-in-law in Nashville. We ate a lot, which we balanced by running and rollerblading on beautifully smooth roads.

By the end of the trip, two lovely things happened. 1) We took dashingly handsome Maus family photos, including our newest addition, Lauren’s husband, Benjamin, and 2) Lauren and Ben’s wedding was featured on the Martha Stewart Real Weddings website! David and I are anticipating that both of these events will jump-start our modeling careers shortly.

Our return trip to Kampala was graciously uneventful, and we have been surrounded by friends ever since. Although we still mourn the passing of our last remaining grandfather, we have been refreshed both physically and emotionally and are ready for these last 3 months in colorful Uganda.

Couples shot

The whole family

The Mice, with one each of David’s crazy cousins and aunts


3 responses to “So…how are we REALLY doing?

  1. I love your site David & Faith! Beautiful family Pics! I am so glad I got to see you guys! I love & miss you guys! Take care of yourselves. ~Rachel M Gibbar~

  2. thanks so much for sharing! You 2 are a beautiful example of life-loving people! Enjoy your journey!

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