You might be wondering why we haven’t had many posts from Uganda lately. The answer is that we abruptly returned to the US last week for my (David’s) Grandpa’s funeral. Here is my tribute to him on my other blog.

Mind of Maus

Last week, my grandpa, Thomas Jefferson Hathaway, died of a brain hemorrhage. It is rare to say this about someone who was 79 years old, but he died before his time.

My grandpa was running hard until the end, completing a half-marathon on March 25, and a 10-mile race on April 14, just over a week before his death. He was planning to do the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis this Saturday.

In the week since his death, numerous tributes have appeared, including a post on the Indianapolis Star’s blog, a feature in the print edition of the Star, the Indianapolis Business Journal, and a number of others which I’ve attempted to compile at the bottom of this post.

In an inversion of the normal rule of the internet, where reading the “Comments” section on any page crushes your faith in humanity, the comments on the many…

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