Only in Africa

This week’s happenings that made me say, “Only in Africa:”

  1. One morning on my normal walk to work, I stumbled across a man bathing in the ditch that I needed to cross. I politely greeted him, he said something to me in Luganda. Then I quickly walked across the cement plank above him, covering my face to give him some privacy.  No harm done, right?
  2. IDI is hosting several international trainees this week, so they were greeted on Monday morning with traditional Buganda dancers in the parking lot. Best start to an office workday ever.
  3.  The staff at the nearby school and the people who live near our office building have started to burn grass and trash everyday. This means that at least once per day smoke fills our office forcing us to shut all of our windows – substantially raising the indoor temps. I’m no doctor, but this can’t be good for us!
  4. My work area at the office has become infested with small suicidal ant-like insects that drown themselves in my water glass in alarming numbers.
  5.  January and February have been incredibly hot, dry, and dusty. But if I even feel myself starting to complain, I remember those frigidly painful waits at the bus stop in -18 deg last year in Minnesota. In the end, it’s all about perspective!

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