Separation of Church and Commerce

I don’t have much commentary to offer in this post, but I thought I’d share some of the more amusing (and fervent) business names I’ve seen here in Kampala. In the US, some churches don’t aren’t even this religious with their names.

Yes, Praise Jesus! A market that is both Mini and Super

As you can see, there’s a lot of competition in the pious dairy market

That’s kind of cool that they have a picture of Jesus as their logo

Sure, we can debate whether a slightly misspelled Hebrew name for God is the best way to attract the sort of people that need to make calls to India, Pakistan or Dubai, but isn’t that cool that you could call both the USA and Hawai?

This name is just virtuous rather than explicitly religious, but it should be the name of every restaurant in Uganda!

These are all within about 1 kilometre of our apartment. I’m sure there are more zealous names further afield. I might do a post later on the religious and social commentary found on minibus taxis’ windscreens…


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