Update on the future

Although we are finding our life and adventures in Africa fulfilling and instructive, they will be coming to an end, or at least an intermission in August. After receiving offers from several graduate schools, David has decided to attend King’s College London to pursue an MA in Environment & Development, beginning in September.

For those of you who were getting attached to the idea of Faith and David in Africa, fear not!!! Many who have left Africa to attend King’s College have returned. Desmond Tutu, for example, earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at King’s, but returned to South Africa, with well-documented results. For a more local example, one need look only to King’s law student Godfrey Binaisa, an opponent of Idi Amin’s rule, who became President of Uganda shortly after Amin’s ouster.

Even those alumni who don’t return to Africa, such as South African-born Max Theiler (one of ten Nobel Laureates from King’s), still have a powerful influence on developments in Africa — in the case of Theiler, developing a vaccine for Yellow Fever.

Faith plans to make her grand entrance into the London job market. If the movies about London are any indication, she’ll be working as an investment banker or a detective. Of course, the movies also suggest she might join a ladies’ society and take high tea every afternoon.

In any case, it will be necessary to develop a new title for this blog as “Faith and David in Africa” will no longer be accurate. Luckily we have some time to formulate a new name. Here are a few early candidates. Maybe our dear readers will have other suggestions…

“Faith and David in Europe” This would keep with our current continental format, but it is becoming clear that the UK is growing ever more distant from the Continent.

“Faith and David in The Commonwealth”  We could change the name of the blog right now to insure continuity between this year and the next.

Let the adventures continue!


3 responses to “Update on the future

  1. We are already Larry and Mary Jo of the Commonwealth (of Virginia)! You can expect a lot more company with that destination. We will be following ……

  2. Will it always be “Faith and David” etc… and not “David and Faith” etc.. ? Iis this merely because you were first branded that way as a debate team? Just wondering…

    And CONGRATS. I too, am very excited for you both!! (Just bummed Jake and I didn’t make a trip to visit you during your first Africa stint.)

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